Dec, 2017

5 Ways To Stop The Yo Yo Diet Trap

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Hi Girlies

Are you an all or nothing type of girl?

Either on a diet or off a diet?

Exercise like crazy one minute then do nothing the next?

Lose a few lbs, to then gain a few lbs ?

Diet and exercise like crazy usually 2 weeks before a special event and expect a miracle?

Yo- yo back and forwards, still looking the same as you did the year before, and the year before that, maybe even bigger?

Phew! I am exhausted just typing that ha 😉

But it’s so true!

Us as women do this!

How crazy does this all sound?

And we keep on doing the same thing again and again expecting different results each time!

Complete madness don’t you think?

Well girls I am sorry to tell you this ……..but there is no such thing as a quick fix and there never will be 🙁

I always get my girls to learn how to fit their diet around their life NOT fit their life around their diet!!

The only real way to make change is to swap from an all or nothing attitude to making it a lifestyle change even if it’s only a gradual one

Think about it you wouldn’t expect to start a new job and after being their just 2 weeks be promoted as CEO of the company would you?

So why expect your health and body to be any different?

But the thing is you do though don’t you?

I’ve been there myself…and see it all the time with my clients.

You expect to have this perfect body in only a few weeks and when it doesn’t happen as fast as you want, you get fed up as it just all seems too much doesn’t it,?…. So you ending up searching for another miracle diet and the cycle goes on and on and on ………..

Sorry to say girls but you will NEVER  shift those extra inches or get into that dream dress what ever size it may be with that mindset and by repeating the same old habit

Right now we have that cleared up!……….

I’m going to share with you some of my Top 5 Tips  to help switch you from a yo- yo dieter to a lifestyler 🙂

Here goes..

5 Top Tips

1. Ditch the scales

Contrary to believe especially after todays news about how weighing yourself everyday helps prevent the rise of obesity don’t get me started!!!!!

STOP weighing your self every damn day and judging your success by a number!

The scales will not tell you wether it’s fat, muscle or water you’re losing, plus your weight fluctuates hourly

I can go up and down 3 to 4lbs in a day! So if I had to go by the scales I’d give up too!!

Luckily I know better and this is usually down to fluid retention depending on when your last meal was, how much salt is in your body and how hydrated your body is at the time.

It’s impossible to lose or gain 4lbs of pure fat in a day or even a week!!!

Focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit.

If you are losing fat and gaining muscle the scales may not change much but your clothes size definitely will!!!

As all my girls find out 🙂

2. Stop overwhelming yourself

Choose 1 thing to focus on at a time!

Our life can be stressful and busy enough without adding more things to the to do list, don’t you think?

So what if it takes longer!

Wouldn’t you rather go slow and steady and be in a clothes size smaller at the end of the year and feel healthy than yo- yo-ing up and down to just be in same position as when you started if not bigger ?

You need to realise all this constant going up and down in weight in the long run will damage your metabolism making it harder and harder each time to shift as your body will fight back and go into survival mode.

Choose just one thing to focus on at time for two weeks or even a month until it starts to become a habit then move onto the next
Examples :

.Add in some exercise

.Getting protein in at breakfast

.Increase your water

.Preparing a healthy lunch so you don’t skip it

.Adding in more vegetables

.Cutting down your alcohol intake etc…..

These little things add up believe me and are more realistic to stick to.

Just think if you worked on just one thing a month until it became a habit before moving onto the next that would be 12 positives changes a year!!!

Imagine the results both in health and body shape then?

3.One bad day or week is not going to spoil everything!

This is one is so so important!!!

And I am forever telling my girls off about this..

Do you ever have a bad day or even week and eat rubbish/skip your workouts to then say well everything is ruined now so might as well pack it in or my favourite  start on Monday again?

This is totally rubbish!

So what if you ate a full packet of chocolate biscuits, you are only ever a meal or workout away from reseting your hormones to burn fat again!

Learn to put it behind you and jump right back in!

Just have a healthy tea or do a workout.

Consistency and persistency is the only way as all my girls will tell you !

4. Make your meals enjoyable

Stop thinking you have to live off salad leaves and water while living a life of a nun to lose weight.

Make your meals enjoyable,

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

You will not stick to a healthy diet if you don’t enjoy what you are eating!

The only successful diet is one you can stick to!


  • Add some cheese, bacon to your salads and so what if you add a little dressing
  • Have a bar of chocolate every day if you feel the need not a family size bar though 😉
  • Enjoy a glass of wine with your evening meal if that’s your thing

The reason I say this is to stop thinking things are out of bounds , as soon as you do you will want them more then ever!

As long as this helps you stick with your healthy eating the rest of the day then so what.

Surely if this prevents  you from devouring a full packet of Oreo’s when you get home from work or a weekend of binging then surely this is only a good thing don’t you think?

Remember DON’T let perfect be the enemy of good!!

5. Enjoy the journey

Remember you are only human.

Forgive yourself when things don’t go to plan as things rarely do as that’s life.

Give yourself a break and stop beating yourself up about it and just move on.

Learn to love yourself just the way you are flaws and all 😉

​Quit  putting too much pressure on yourself, comparing yourself to others, thinking you should be doing this or that, or looking a certain way by a certain time etc..
Start enjoying the journey and believe me the destination will come in no time 🙂

So that’s all from me today lovelies

I would love to know your thoughts and if any of the above has hit home ? 🙂

Karen “enjoying the journey with my wine ” Austin xxxxx

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