Feb, 2021

Supplements For Menopause

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Hi girls
I’m constantly being asked what’s the best natural supplements to take to help with peri/menopause symptoms..
So I thought I’d pop this blog together to help
There are 4 I always recommend to my clients to which I’ll get to in just a sec
Symptoms can vary so much within the Menopause and no women’s journey is the same as we’re all unique
Some women can sail through it while others feel like they’re losing the plot with every day becoming a challenge and a struggle to get through.
I’m definitely within the peri-menopause and currently experiencing night sweats, messed up monthly cycles and  irritability where I can’t even bare hearing someone breathe ha,…. while other days I’m happy as Larry ..
How about you ?
I do find exercise really helps to boost my mood and irritability though, it’s my life saver at times.
Now before I give you my recommendations  first remember you can take all the supplements in the world but if you’re not looking after yourself ie, stress levels, nutrition, exercise etc then they will do very little if anything at all.
Supplements are there to help “supplement and compliment” a healthy lifestyle NOT to gain a quick fix and to expect some sort of miracle.
To feel the full benefits of supplements you must be looking at changing your lifestyle too.
With saying all that here are the top 4 supplements I would recommend for Menopausal women.
  •   Multiple vitamin
  •   Healthy Oil
  •   Vitamin D
  •   Female Support Supplement





Multiple Vitamin.


This should be a high quality supplement that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals with a special emphasis on the B-vitamins.


It should not contain iron unless you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. It’s also best if it contains magnesium and calcium.


Many women as they age tend to focus all of their attention on taking calcium supplements when in reality this is not as wise as making sure you are eating a diet that is rich in all the bone building nutrients including magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin K, etc. Which can easily accomplished through a diet containing adequate protein and a large amount of green vegetables.


The one I use and recommend because of it’s high quality is within the blue button below if you’re interested 


Fish Oil.



When I say fish oil I’m not meaning cod liver oil I’m meaning high quality omega 3s


Every single cell within our body is surrounded by a membrane containing receptors that interact with your hormones. 


The quality and function of these membranes and receptors are directly related to the quality of oils you eat.


Some benefits of fish oils…although there are plenty more…


. Aids with cardio health

. Boosts brain health, eg concentration, mood, depression, mental decline etc..

. Helps boost metabolism

. Supports healthy skin and eye health

. Reduces inflammation within the body




In order for your body to function optimally, good quality fats are essential.



By far the best fats for the cell membrane are fish oil, but krill oil may be superior since it contains phospholipids, which are an integral part of the membrane and work with the fats.



To make sure you are optimizing cell function, hormone signaling and metabolic potential then supplement with a high quality fish oil /or krill oil.


Below is the product I use and recommend because of it’s high quality within the blue button below if you’re interested 


Vitamin D.


Vitamin D is actually a hormone not a vitamin. Many women are severely depleted in vitamin D. This compound may be the most important compound for female health related to menopausal challenges.



Vitamin D aids bone health, thyroid health, sensitises the body to insulin, protects against respiratory infections, helps prevent cognitive decline and dementia, as well as helping with depression especially seasonal depression within the darker night months…



Due to the drop of estrogen as we enter the menopause we don’t absorb vitamin D the same this is why a supplement is highly recommended,



Although before you start supplementing, it is important to know what your current levels are by getting it checked with your doctor.



Here is a guide based on current levels



  •   Levels less than 30ng/ml= 10,000iu daily or more (talk to your doctor)
  •   Levels between 30 to 50ng/ml= 2,000iu in summer and 5,000iu or more inwinter
  •   Levels above 50ng/ml= 2,000iu in winter only
  •   Levels above 100ng/ml= Do not supplement


The one I use and recommend because of it’s high quality is within the blue button below if you’re interested 


Feminine Support Product



What I mean by a “feminine support product” is one that addresses the unique risk factors associated with menopause, as well as helping improve metabolic function and reduce symptoms.


I’ve had some very good success both with myself and clients with a product called Femguard


This product contains many herbs and vitamins designed to sensitise the body to insulin, decrease the risk of female cancers, and balance the hormonal situation in the body.


The one I use and recommend because of it’s high quality is within the blue button below if you’re interested 


So there you have it my top 4 Supplements for the Peri/Menopause
ALWAYS talk to your Doctor BEFORE ordering and taking any vitamins/supplements 
If you are taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions AGAIN ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist BEFORE taking vitamins/supplements. 
I hope this has answered some of your questions and helped you out a little…
But “PLEASE REMEMBER” there’s is no point in dosing yourself up with supplements if you aren’t looking at other aspects of your lifestyle  eg stress management, nutrition and exercise as it will be like trying to save a sinking ship with just one bucket, it will get you no where fast…
Any questions just hit reply and ask away 🙂
Karen ” saying no to menopause” Austin xxxx

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