Nice things people have said about me and my classes

Louise Whiting


I first tried yoga trapeze, as I have chronic musculoskeletal issues, particularly my lower back and neck, and Karen was recommended by a friend.


The classes involve deep stretching, which has definitely improved my flexibility and stability. The strength based movements have increased my overall strength, which has surprised me.


The traction poses for me are the best bits, I can feel my spine lengthening and all the tension releasing from my joints and muscles.


I did start off at the beginners class and now I attend the mixed abilities class, everyone is very friendly and you can even have a giggle.


It’s by far my favourite class and I leave de-stressed, calm and relaxed….the best way to end the day.

Karen Kilner


Joining Trapeze yoga for the first time I had no idea what to expect. Karen supported me through at my own pace with lots of helpful encouragement.


As a result I have found the neck and back pain I suffered from for many years has eased hugely, I feel stronger and more flexible and it’s great fun with lots of laughter.


The group is small so Karen can keep a good eye on where you may need adjustments for your level.


Definitely something I will stick with.


Thanks Karen xxxx

Gayle Bradbury


“This is the only form of exercise that I have stuck with for any amount of time! Not only is it fun with Karen, it’s also great for stretching and using muscles you didn’t know you had. There is good scope for progression and the traction moves are amazing. Would highly recommend! “

Gayle xx

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