Are you a woman who is …

Over 40 frustrated, struggling to lose weight and nothing you seem to do anymore works and you’re in desperate need of some expert advice?


Approaching the menopause, feeling helpless and out of control at the sudden weight gain and don’t know where or who to turn…?

Then learning how the body actually works at this time of life is crucial especially if you are wanting to regain your health and drop those extra inches.. And I am here dedicated to helping you with just that!

I’ll show you how possible it actually is and how it doesn’t even have to be difficult once you know how..

As a Fellow Woman approaching her mid 40s, I know it isn’t always easy…

As my background is in fitness and nutrition I know it can be so confusing and hard work to know what to do for the best with all the conflicting information there is out there.. one day the media say this then that…but with being in the industry for over 18 years now and having taught every faddy fitness trend going I know what works and what actually is just a waste of time
So let me help you to take all the guess work away for you so you don’t have waste anymore time.

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Meet Karen-babyblue

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I’m Karen Austin founder of Topaz Fitness Academy and a Woman’s Hormonal Expert, mentoring women who don’t know what to do anymore and feel totally out of control

You might be a woman over 40 who is struggling with the sudden middle age spread and nothing you seem to do works anymore or maybe you feel you’ve lost yourself and are fed up of feeling tired, sluggish, depressed and drained all the time.

I’m known for my 3R’s system to which has been trialed and tested on 1000’s of women (A system designed to help women over 40 Kick start their health and weight loss while helping them re balance hormonally both physically and mentally)

My programs are delivered in many ways Online, Kick Start Live Courses, Small Group and One to One training.

I am here to educate you on how your body actually works especially as we age, so you can work with your body instead of fighting against it getting you no where fast.

We are given so many differing messages that it ‘s hard to know which to turn and what to believe now –a-days.

Why Listen to Me?

6 Reasons Why


1. I have been lucky enough to study closely with 2 doctors from the States the best in their field Dr Jade Teta an Integrate Physician and Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and his brother Dr Keoni Teta also a Naturopathic Physician and expert in the science and application of exercise and nutrition . My plans are to soon to fly over to North Carolina and work closely and study with these guys within in their Naturopathic Health Clinic.

2. I am a hormonal expert working with mainly women over 40 and have been featured in national newspapers and magazines many times and also winner of UK Fit Pro’s Hero Instructor Award

3. I stay up to date studying and traveling the UK attending workshops and conferences gathering up all the latest research so I can pass on all the info onto to you guys as you deserve the best.

4. My systems are easy to follow as each stage is gradually introduced step by step allowing you not feel overwhelmed so you can take it all in and easily apply

5. I keep it “real” as everything I educate you is based on science no quick fixes or fads .. I always test things out on myself before I role it out into any of my programs.

6. I have helped 1000’s of women achieve what they thought was impossible by giving them back some control over their bodies and health

But It Wasn't Always So Easy...

I first started teaching fitness in my mid 20s and yeah initially at first I lost weight but after a while especially entering my mid 30s to 40s, teaching over 20 fitness sessions a week and eating what I thought was a healthy calorie controlled diet, I started noticing I was gaining more and more weight and couldn’t understand how I was doing all this exercise, eating healthy and even ran a marathon for my body shape and weight not to change. I was so tired I couldn’t possibly exercise anymore and eat any less, which is what  we are told traditionally to do by the medical profession and the diet/ fitness Industry.

It was only when I discovered and started studying with Dr Jade Teta and his Metabolic effect Team from America that it all began to click and make sense.

You see chemically we are as different on the inside as we are physically on the outside and that it’s  madness as well as impossible to treat weight loss as one size fits all approach.

There is more to it then calories in and calories out, What about Hormones??? I mean as women we are a walking bag of hormones!!

Hormones are messengers within the body , they decide if we burn fat or store fat, where we store fat, eg hips, bums, thighs, belly’s etc… wether we are hungry, craving, lack energy plus what about as we age and the hormonal impacts that come along with it and how our body composition starts to change especially as the menopause approaches.

If we can start to balance our hormones through correct exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes for us as an individual then that’s when the magic of health and fat loss will start to happen.

Where My Passion Comes From

Here’s my philosophy: I firmly believe that every woman needs to be told the truth.

I get so angry with all the mixed messages out there and seeing so many women being fooled daily all for the sake of a quick buck

Anyone who knows me knows that I can not stand faddy or quick fix diets or franchises with no qualifications selling juices and supplements promising you the world… sorry  they don’t and never will work, yeah maybe short term but at what cost…

Everything I teach you is based on science and how our body actually works with no gimmicks or products to sell…



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