Feb, 2021

Over 40 ? Strength Training Is A Must!

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Hi  Girls
Today I’d like to chat to you about what all you women over 40 should be doing when it comes to your exercise regime.
​​​​​​​In fact I was featured just only a year ago in “Good Housekeeping Magazine” talking about this exact subject along side one of my clients the lovely Pam
Before I tell what it is it let me tell you a little bit about our Pam.
Pam’s a lovely lady in her 50s and had been on my email list quite a long time always reading my blogs and taking in all my info etc…… to then one day her messaging me to say how she’d love to join my “Kick Start” and “Group Sessions” but she can’t as she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.
I knew that she’d be fine and told her that the type of training I do with in my classes  would be just what she needed but understandably she was still nervous.
​​​​​​​A  few months passed but our conversation must of been still playing on Pams mind as out of no where she decided to just go for it and “boom” signed up….and look at her now featured below in Good Housekeeping as an inspiration.
The article which featured us both was all about “Why Women Over 40 Should Be Lifting Weights”
Which brings me to todays subject!……
That ALL women over 40 should be including weights or some sort of resistance training within their exercise regime…
Now Pam didn’t come to me to necessarily to lose weight but with her including resistance training weekly not only did she drop inches but her MS symptoms greatly improved and as you can imagine her confidence has sky rocketed too.
Here is a shot of the article below 🙂
So  are you including any sort of resistance training in your life ?
Well if you’re not and you’re in your 40s or leading up to or going through the Menopause then it really is a  must and here are my “Top 5 Reasons” why below:-
5 Benefits Of Resistance/Weight Training In Women Over 40
1. Speeds up metabolism
As we age we slowly lose muscle and the less muscle we have the slower our metabolism becomes.
Hence the middle age spread
Each decade after 30 our muscles tend to decline by about 3-8 per cent.
Muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat so the more muscle we can maintain the more calories we will  burn not only during exercise but also at rest. 
2. Helps shift belly fat.
As we age and start to approach peri-menopause our estrogen and progesterone levels start to drop causing us to become more insulin resistant.
A side effect of insulin resistance is fat storage around the middle.
Lifting weights helps to create more insulin receptors on our muscles helping us to become more sensitive to insulin hence a slimmer waist.
Talking of insulin weight training can also control blood sugar levels in patients with type-2 diabetes an recent research recommends resistance training in the prevention and management of Type-2 diabetes
3, Increases bone strength
As women age we not only lose muscle but also bone density too which can lead to osteoporosis.
This means we are more prone to injury and bone fractures as we age.
We tend to forget that our bones are living too so lifting weights ,studies have shown over a period of time we can help prevent bone loss and may even help build new bone.


In one study, postmenopausal women who participated in strength training for a year saw significant increases in their bone density in the spine and hips, areas usually affected most by osteoporosis in older women.


Maintaining strong muscles through weight training helps with our balance and coordination which is why Pam has found it so beneficial with her MS a critical element in preventing falls, which can lead to osteoporosis related fractures





4. Helps with depression & anxiety


Weight training helps increase the production of serotonin our brain hormone that makes us feel good.


Serotonin can lower as we approach or go through the menopause due to the drop in our oestrogen levels which is why a lot of women suffer from low moods and depression at this time of life.  


It’s  been found in depressed people that strength training can have twice the mood boosting benefits than just doing aerobic exercise alone.


Studies of depressed patients have also found that those who did strength training improved their sleeplessness – a key symptoms of depression – by 30 per cent.


Not only that but another recent study claimed that women who were put on a twice weekly programme of resistance training had a staggering 60 per cent decrease in anxiety levels and lowered levels of irritability in only six weeks.


Anxiety is another issue of the menopause we can suffer with due to the drop in progesterone and how it impacts on the brain.





5. Contours and changes the shape of your body
As we age we lose more muscle and gain more fat which can give us a more squishy and saggy appearance 😉
Please note you may not gain weight necessarily on the scales but where you hold the weight can change. e.g. bingo wings, tummy etc..
Including weight training helps replace the flab with muscle helping to tighten, lift and contour the body compared to aerobic exercise alone.
And there you have it 5 reasons why you should be including some sort of weight/resistance training into your every day life.
So are you going to give it a go ?
Any questions give me a shout!
As always would love to hear your thoughts!
Karen “ helping you to become strong and healthy ” Austin  xxx

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