Feb, 2021

Is Your Waist A Health Risk…. Calculation To Help

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Hi. Girls
Where do you tend to hold your weight?
Are you more of a pear shape?
Straight up and down?
Or more of an apple shape holding most of your fat around the middle?
I tend to be more of an apple shape… so when I gain weight it all tends to go on around my belly and boobs to which I can thank my mum and nana for that!!! Cheers mum ha 😉
But did you know that holding weight around the middle is the unhealthiest place to hold it?
And unfortunately as we age we tend to gain more weight around the middle don’t we? Which is down to our hormones changing hence the middle age spread! Arghhh
So it’s even more important to look after our health.
I’ve been looking recently at some studies and found out some shocking facts ….
“Did you know that the risk of cardiovascular death is 2.75 times higher, and the risk of death from all causes is  2.08 times higher in people of normal weight with central obesity, compared to those with a normal body mass index and a normal waist to hip ratio?”
Sorry don’t mean to depress you ha but it does make you think doesn’t it??… 
I’m always saying to my girls is it’s not just always about your weight it’s about where you’re holding the weight that counts too..
That’s one of the main reasons why the Body Mass Index (BMI) is flawed and why I go mad about it!! Grrr
BMI does not take into account how much of your body is made up of muscle, water and fat..etc..
There are many women that weigh within the normal range of the “ recommended” BMI but are holding onto unhealthy amounts of body fat..
Check out Debbi one of my online clients below…
Debbi came to me not because she was over weight as she’d been losing weight at slimming clubs but her shape wasn’t changing and she couldnt seem to shift her tummy which was frustrating her..
 As you can see within 3 months Debbi has managed to go from the photo on the far right to the photo on the far left reducing her waist and tummy circumference dramatically.
Also below is another client Deborah who came to me only last month and look at her results already.
13 inches gone from around her middle.
So not only have these lovely ladies both lost belly fat but they’re also reducing their risk of heart and other life threatening diseases which becomes a worry as we start to age doesn’t it?.. Well it does me anyway…
So is your waist a health risk ?
Would you like to check?
Well here is a calculation you can do below
To find out we need to calculate  “Your Waist-To-Hip Ratio”
Is Your Waist A Health Risk Calculation
Working out the risk to your health is simple, just grab a tape measure and take the following steps:
1. Measure your hip  (the largest section around your hips and bulk of the bum)
2. Measure your waist (the smallest section between the hips and rib cage)
3. Divide the waist number by the hip number
Ideal waist measurement for women :
– Ideal: Less than 80cm (32″)
– High: 80cm to 88cm (32″ to 35″)
– Very High: More than 88cm (35″)
Ideal waist measurement for men:
– Ideal: Less than 94cm (37″)
– High: 94cm to 102cm (37″ to 40″)
– Very High: More than 102cm (40″)
A ratio of 1.0 or more in men or 0.85 or more in women indicates that you are carrying too much weight around your middle. This puts you at increased risk of diseases that are linked to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
Measuring body fat % is the most intelligent way to see if you’re carrying excess fat, but finding an accurate machine is hard and can be expensive to buy…. 
Doing the waist to hip ratios is the next best thing and shows us once again it’s not just necessarily about how much we weigh it’s about where we carry the fat that could be the problem.
So this week I’m setting you a challenge to grab a tape measure and do the calculation and let me know how you got on by hitting reply .. 🙂
As always I would love to know your thoughts…
Let me know how you get on..
Karen “ why couldn’t I have been a pear ” Austin xxx

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