Aug, 2018

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Today I’d like to chat to about what all women need to be doing over the age of 40! In fact I’ve just been featured in Aprils Good Housekeeping talking about this exact subject along side my amazing client Pam.



Dec, 2017

5 Ways To Stop The Yo Yo Diet Trap

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Hi Girlies Are you an all or nothing type of girl? Either on a diet or off a diet? Exercise like crazy one minute then do nothing the next? Lose a few lbs, to then gain a few lbs ? Diet and exercise like crazy usually 2 weeks before a special event and expect a miracle? Yo- yo back and forwards, still looking the same as you did the year before, and the year before that, maybe even bigger? Phew! I am exhausted just typing that ha 😉 But it’s so true! […]

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