Are you wilting in mid-life rather than blossoming?


Hi, I’m Karen Austin and I know exactly how you’re feeling because I’m feeling it too. 

I’ve been educating women on the effects of the menopause for years but it’s not until it hits you (like a train) that you can really understand it.

I know what to do, but I also know it’s not easy.

It’s for this reason that my whole business has changed. Gone are the days where I would beast a class and everyone would work hard or go home.

Today, I have a suite of products that treat the body in a more holistic way.

  • You might be fed up of putting on weight and need my signature kick-starter programme which identifies which kind of fat-burner you are. I educate you about your nutrition and teach you about how to reduce your stress reduction as well as guide you through the exercise classes.
  • You might love the feeling it gives you and the results you get and choose to move on to my Classes, both online and in person.
  • You might love my Yoga Trapeze sessions that have you hanging from the roof in your own hammock, building strength and improving flexibility.
  • Then there’s my Retreats both in the UK and abroad.
  • And finally, I am an educator and so I release Workshops teaching people about the menopause.

Everything you’re feeling is totally normal – our bodies change- and we are all getting older!

You’re probably fed fed up of trying to eat less and exercise more but yet feel that the needle never moves. You’re always tired, with no energy, and let’s face it, stressed out to the MAX? 

ADMIT IT – one of the worst feelings in the world is trying on every outfit in your wardrobe and nothing fits.



    • We are definitely not past it! We still have a lot of life to live and our best years are ahead of us.


    • If you feel the same, then come and meet me and the girls. We’re not ready to settle. We love a workout and we love a night out too.


Check out my programmes on offer to see what suits you. Maybe you need a kick-start to get you going. Perhaps you want to have a good old workout with weights and your body, or perhaps you want to try yoga trapeze.

So come on girls what you waiting for there is HOPE I promise and it’s my job to get you back out there into the real world and live life to the full.


If you would like to try one of my classes just email me and I will book you a free trial.

Karen xxx


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